Traveling alone or traveling with other

Traveling alone or traveling with other

You can wake up whenever you want, eat whatever you want, decide to have a lazy day, or choose to go on a hour hike. When you're traveling solo, you can be selfish and change your mind every few days and not have to consult anybody else.

It's sink-or-swim time! Also, I study Spanish, so it was good for me to practice my Spanish with them.

Traveling alone benefits

They always invited me home and offered me delicious Mexican food. Camping alone on the 5 day hike in Torres Del Paine is now one of my most amazing memories! It is unlikely to disappear entirely, but having people there to pick you up when times are tough can be exceptionally helpful. On the other hand, if you travel alone, you can stay in your favorite place for a few days if you want. In years to come, long after the trip is over, there will be a handful of people you can call up to reminisce with about those special moments on your trip that you shared together. Not a problem you might think. There are others to highlight and protect you from potential dangers, as well as pooled resources that can serve the same function. Then there are the practical advantages of being in a group. You may dislike someone in the group. Decisions get more complicated. Travel Alone or With Friends?

Nobody fixed it after all but I just felt so happy that they tried to help me. You will also get many new points of view through your amazing independent journey.

Being in a group can be incredibly helpful for these sorts of reasons and open up opportunities that would be far harder for a solo traveller on a budget.

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Luckily, solo travel forces you to put things into perspective and decide just how much of a weakness you have time for.

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The Pros and Cons of Solo Travel