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The question is, why is police brutality an issue we are only beginning to notice.

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How could anyone let it become this atrocious? The knowledge of police brutality and discrimination towards black people can cause problems for many people, regardless if they are criminals or innocent civilians.

In this paper you will read about the recent cases of this serious matter.

What is police brutality

APA Citation. The issue has gained special prominence in recent years thanks to the numerous killings of young black people that have been perpetrated by police officers. In Major cities across the country, officers are abusing their authority in the most flagrant ways Must End. The article includes a discussion of key events, such as the Watts Riots, the Black Panther movement, and the L. Of course, the only problem with police dashboard cameras is that they have a limited angle of recording, meaning that the potential for abuse is still left open. However, it also allows honest police officers to fully escape any wrongful convictions of brutality Wiley These cases can go from excessive force to murder. Writing a research proposal on police brutality. The Issue of Police Brutality Towards African Americans and Caucasians African Americans and Caucasians live in completely different worlds when it comes to perceptions of the criminal justice system and the role that police play in society. APA Citation Police violence timeline. The confrontations the police officers get in to can sometimes get violent. The main takeaway is that each encounter is different. Every day now you hear more and more stories of the increasing amounts of police brutality at it does not seem to be stopping. Now that any story can gain a large international audience if it is important enough, many acts of police brutality are much more difficult to conceal and go by unpunished.

It takes two forms which is physical brutality which includes assaults, and non-physical brutality which includes use of verbal language. Excessive force is also verbal assault. More important, however, is the rise of the internet and social media as tools of raising awareness about police brutality and unequal treatment of African Americans.

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The definition of police brutality is different between police and citizens. Peculiarities of persuasive essay on police brutality Writing a persuasive essay is catch-as-catch-can. First off what is excessive force. For whatever reason our police seem to be doing things backwards from every other police system in the world. You can weaponize yourself with emotions, anecdotes, facts, and logic — whatever you think will work. Excessive force is also verbal assault. The writer also discusses potential solutions to the problem of stigma against police, such as community policing and changing police assessment procedures. The US Government Faces Different Challenges with Police Brutality Problem Statement Police brutality happens when police officers use excessive physical force such as beating and fatally choking an individual. The main takeaway is that each encounter is different. Being a cop is a very dangerous job as we all know, and sometimes they are put in situations where the use of force is necessary. Introductory part. Use the most interesting fact or quote to grab the attention of the readers. Several paragraphs usually three where you express the ideas you have concerning the issue. It has become a controversial topic among communities that have seen police brutality take place in front of their homes Some are indirect and other are pulling the strings from behind the crime scene, to put innocent for a crime that was never done.

You will also read about the statistics of police brutality. And each idea should support the main statement of the paper.

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Studies show that ethnic minorities have lower levels of confidence and trust in the police department in comparison with the White American population Tyler

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Police Brutality Against African Americans