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Simple exercises have been proposed and assistance has been derived even from everyday occurrences and common phenomena; a work-book has been prepared and prescribed. The program envisages the uplifting of the standards of higher education in Chemistry in Pakistan and is in pace with fast growing technological revolution. Ring formulae, and other complex chemical matter, are difficult to typeset. Authors are encouraged to submit their data to a public database, where available. Information obtained in the course of confidential services such as refereeing manuscripts or grant applications should be treated similarly. However, in no case any personal criticism should not be considered appropriate. However, author has to pay per page charges at the rate Rs. Biochemistry and Pharmacy have been introduced at this level. This causes confusion. Review articles should not contain more than 80 references.

Recently the University of Agriculture at Faisalabad has opened graduate programme in Chemistry, with emphasis on Agricultural chemistry. Authors are encouraged to submit their data to a public database, where available. thesis

An administrative relationship to the investigation does not of itself qualify a person for co-authorship but occasionally it may be appropriate to acknowledge major administrative assistance. Therefore, use any related software for equations containing such chemistry. The corresponding author should send each living co-author a draft copy of the manuscript and obtain its co-authorship assent. Presentation of figures should be clear. Authors should not suggest reviewers with whom they have collaborated within the past two years. These are grouped into: Affiliating general Universities: The Universities of Peshawar, Gomal, Punjab, Multan, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Sindh and Karachi, besides operating graduate programmes of their own, affiliate colleges located within their territorial jurisdiction. Avoid brackets to put them in a single line. Footnotes within the tables should be indicated by the same symbols listed above.

Preparation of materials: The Text-Books are written mostly by a panel of authors This work is usually co-ordinated by the National Bureau of Curriculum and Text Books and preparation of the manuscript and its publication is entrusted to one of the Provincial Text-Book Boards. University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir: The University is conducting graduate programme in Chemistry and has 4 colleges 4 men and 2 women affiliated to it.

The minimum requirement for appointment as a Chemistry teacher at Higher Secondary stage is a Masters Degree in Chemistry, In services training programmes are introduced by the Directorate of Education to up-date or train the teachers.

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Examination: The examination in chemistry consists of written papers, thesis, dissertation, viva-voce and practical as provided in the syllabus, provided that only such candidates as have obtained first or second class in the Bachelor's Degree Examination or have obtained Honours Degree irrespective of the division shall be allowed to offer thesis in lieu of one or more written papers, wherever permissible.

For critical materials used in the work, proper citation of the sources should also be supplied.

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It is to be noted that besides the traditional branches, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and applied chemistry have been introduced at the graduate level. Also, support from colleagues is acknowledged in Acknowledgement Section. Journal covers fields of pure and applied analytical chemistry, comprising environmental material, agricultural chemistry, geochemistry, food chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, development and modification of instruments and techniques with potentials in analytical and environmental sciences. The journal deals with the original research papers written in English in all aspects of analytical and environmental sciences. Authors can NOT withdraw articles once accepted. The convenience of readers is served if reports on related studies are published in the same journal or in a small number of journals. Fragmentation consumes journal space excessively and unduly complicates literature searches. Separate practical components, with respect to the three branches, have also been devised. Namboothiri, O. The program envisages the uplifting of the standards of higher education in Chemistry in Pakistan and is in pace with fast growing technological revolution. Authors should practice the publication ethics and ensure that the following conditions are met prior to submission of manuscript: Authorships are genuine and there is NO gift authorship.

The research report and the data collected should contain sufficient detail and reference to public sources of information to permit a trained professional to reproduce the experimental observations.

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