The relationship between media crime and the criminal justice system and the way it has been changin

He comments that social media has also opened up new ways of combating crime for the police, who can take advantage of the self-surveillance of those who publicize their crimes on social media.

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Social media-based performance crime waves include activities such as ghost ridingand the knockout game. But these will not change in fundamental nature, just in terms of which goods and services are involved, and which routes and target markets.

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Trade liberalization when it leads to equalization of costs across borders has the potential to reduce those opportunities. This reached its logical conclusion in New York after the Godfather movies came out, when Italo-American criminals were picked up on wiretap trying to imitate the accents and phrases used in the movies.

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These performances are no longer rare events place and time bound to physical stages and scheduled broadcasts; they are now ephemeral renditions constantly created and digitally distributed. On the one side Naylor insisted that the term is trite, that globalization, if it means anything, is a phenomenon that has been steadily in progress for hundreds of years. While sadly this type of crime is now not particularly unusual, what is different is the way in which he was caught; his extensive bragging about his anonymous phone calls on Twitter eventually brought the police to his door. How is crime changing in the 21st Century? Performance Crime-fighting The main impact of social media performances on law enforcement has been to enhance and extend surveillance. Messenger Social media has revolutionised how we communicate. What will emerge in the way of new crimes or at least new opportunities to commit old ones will also depend on structural shifts in the patterns of trade and the resulting international price differentials. Social media can be further be used as a weapon through which the friends and families of victims of crime are exposed to secondary victimisation.

From these systems images are regularly culled for evidence as well as news content. The future As platforms evolve and new issues emerge, social media will continue to provide challenges and opportunities for criminal justice officials, as well as change the way the public perceives and engages with issues of crime and victimisation.

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But with social media taking over as our preferred news sourcehow do these new platforms impact our understanding of crime?

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Social media and crime: the good, the bad and the ugly