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She ought to marry first.

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This at the beginning shows that Celie has enough strength to take decisions that will affect other people, however, this strength starts to disappear as the story continues I needs to love and laugh. Nettie was able to push Celie to become a more educated, independent person Then he grab hold my titties. This novel demonstrates the everyday hardships that were placed on blacks, and how they battled to overcome them. The theme of the book is to be true to yourself in spite of difficulties and never let go of what you believe in. He's the first one who sexually abuse Celie. But you know, I liked it. As a result of this unequal system where women are consider nothing without a man, Celie develops a passive character only doing what men order. And, praise be, quite a few deadlines keeping me busy. Some people are meant to be doctors, teachers, or maids, while others are meant to change the world.

But you know, I liked it. In the beginning, the reader is immediately engrossed when Celie is forcibly raped by her father and forced into an incestuous relationship with him, resulting in the birth of two children Both Celie and Shug were very oppressed people.

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If Mr. Despite the fact that Celie and Jeanette are characters who appear to be lost in completely different worlds they do in fact have quite a lot in common. Maybe you can give me a sign letting me know what is happening to me. Most of the letters were written by Celie and some by her sister Nettie.

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