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They argue that the health industry is dominated mainly by men, especially higher up within the professional chain and that the views of women are seen undervalued especially female patients and their health issues Taylor et al, The in class presentation, activities, and guest speakers gave us insight and a different perspective on the material we were learning.

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Page 5 of 10 Christopher Horvath One area that has been difficult to find data is the relationship between health and ethnicity. Social workers are highly trained and experienced professionals. Although this is the case women are more likely to experience neurotic disorders while men are likely to become alcoholics.

Bowlercited in Waugh et al, agrees with this claim and states that midwives on maternity wards stereotype Muslim Asian women which affects the type of care they receive.

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Talcott Parsonscited in Marcus and Ducklin,a key functionalist in the research of the medical profession, saw the role of Page 7 of 10 Christopher Horvath medicine and health care as a major part to the running of society. Becoming worse, not having money for medical bill and not have enough money to buy enough food for the entire family.

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Sociology of Health and Illness Essay examples