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Puritans and seperatists all flocked to America to practice religious freedom.

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Vice-Admiralty courts, presided over by judges but lacking juries which were viewed as overly sympathetic to colonial interestswere established in the colonies to address violations of trade regulations. Almost everything that was grown was shipped out.

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Even though England believed in a system of mercantilism where the colonies existed for the benefit of the mother country, Sir Robert Walpole decided to try something different to stimulate commerce. When I know that the colonies in general owe little or nothing to any care of ours, and that they are not squeezed into this happy form by the constraints of watchful and suspicious government, but that, through a wise and salutary neglect, a generous nature has been suffered to take her own way to perfection; when I reflect upon these effects, when I see how profitable they have been to us, I feel all the pride of power sink, and all presumption in the wisdom of human contrivances melt and die away within me. Still other historians blame this lack of poor leadership not on patronage but on the lack of desirability of colonial postings, which tended to be filled not by officials in the prime of their careers but by the new and inexperienced or the old and undistinguished. Based on this belief, the undocumented policy of salutary neglect developed. From to , England and after the Kingdom of Great Britain tried to form a coherent policy through the Navigation Acts but did not enforce it. Many believe that the French and Indian War affected the relationship between the British and the colonists by leading to the revolution. Once the British government became stricter in their enforcement of commerce laws after , protests and eventually calls for independence became more pronounced amongst the colonists. While Americans may side with Burke on the "salutary" effect of this policy, emphasizing the economic and social development of the colonies, it was from a British imperial perspective a momentous failure, and debate remains as to its true social, economic, and political effects. The government once again did not pay any heed to set an official religious set of rules in the colonies, therefore allowing the people to.

Trade involved mainly countries other than England, because this way profits were maximized. Molasses was turned into rum in New England and traded for more slaves as well.

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He lives in Tampa, Florida. The roots of the revivalism came from Penn, Hooker, "Mother Anne" Lee, Williams, and others who strived for toleration earlier. This caused a large war debt that the British needed to pay off, and thus the policy was destroyed in the colonies. Salutory neglect was a hands off policy which left America, a new nation, to fend for herself prior to Governors generally had the power to convene and dismiss the legislature as well as to appoint judges and justices of the peace. Based on English principles such as the Magna Carta and Rights of Englishmen, colonies developed parochial, decentralized governments. Successive British governments ended this non-enforcement policy through new laws such as the Stamp Act and Sugar Act , causing tensions within the colonies. Before , the undocumented British policy of salutary neglect greatly impacted the methods through which American colonists regulated their daily lives.

Religious freedom was one of the main causes for English peoples to move to the New World. The officials had meetings where they discussed the future of their country.

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To begin, legislation was readily discussed in various areas throughout the new world.

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Salutory Neglect Established America