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The company today employs nearly 2, people across India.

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Cadbury also owns Halls which was acquired as a part of the global acquisition of the Adams business from Pfizer in Presence across countries.

Getting there means managing wildly different terrains-climate, language, value system, life style, transport and communication network.

We look at the recent growth of vertical, horizontal, and multi channel marketing systems; Vertical marketing systems: one of the most significant recent channel developments is the rise of vertical marketing systems.

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Cadbury Full of Life Cadbury as a company is vibrant. Research Methodology 4.

Physical distribution of cadbury

Consumer needs and wants - individuals have different requirements and consumers with similar characteristics must be identified. The range of Product provided by Cadbury has been segmented as a premiere product for the people who want better taste and quality. Company has now improved the distribution quality of its products with the installation of refrigerators at several outlets. Research must be undertaken on competing products in order to identify a competitive advantage for the new channel 15 development. Every page of this report reminds me about the moral support and guidance that was bestowed on me by the respected Guide, friends and family members throughout the duration of the project. This helps in maintaining product quality in summer, when sales usually dip due to the fact that the heat affects product quality and thereby consumption. Cadbury India Ltd has been targeted to the young generation as well as children. Market research provides information on consumer needs and wants, competitors, the marketing mix and potential sales. Brands of Cadbury are been made available at these outlets. One-Sample Statistics N delivery on time Mean 1. Quantitative research provides numerical data. Apart from that I have used graphs and tables to get the clear picture of the survey. Cadbury is an expression of a consumer's life. Cadbury wanted to encourage user subscriptions and facilitate data capture by integrating multiple consumer touch points and driving traffic to digital channels. The Company will also be benefited as the Company will know which type of supports the outlets owners want from the company, where they are lacking, So that the company can cope with it.

It is amongst the largest clair brands in the market in terms of value share.

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Distribution Channel of Cadbury