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In a painting by Picasso, one way see beauty while another sees a squiggle of lines. Seven hundred and six out of two thousand, two hundred and twenty-eight people went down with the ship Titanic: The Preventable Disaster words - 5 pages The R.

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Scientists have theories, but not everything has become proven facts except that the ship did hit an iceberg. The History Channel website.

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The film, released inwas a global box office hit because the director provided equal importance to history, fiction and romance. These icebergs eventually made their way south on the Labrador Current. Estimated to be able to stay afloat for 2 days under the worst scenario, the ship sank in less than 3 hours [Gannon, ].

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This tragedy was not supposed to have happened. They confirmed that the unequal weight from the flooding caused the ship to split apart between the second and third funnels at or Just below the surface. Why do so few historical events grip the heart in the same way. The social structure of society was a prevalent point of the movie, one with a modern twist on the tale of Romeo and Juliet, and one that nonetheless dealt with the intricate relationships individuals and classes had with and amongst each other I went onto my train at Waterloo Station. The plagues of sexism, classism and even racism excelled in the plot of this movie. Perhaps Historys most famous ship, she is remembered through memories and motion pictures; through songs and scraps of yellowing newspapers; through reminiscences of her survivors as recurring anniversary observances as, fortunately she of remembered through pictures.

At p. Some people call this sinking the greatest maritime disaster.

Research papers on the titanic

That summer, he went aboard the U. Her gradual decay is due to a number of different physical, chemical and biological processes that are taking place at such depth. Sadly the Titanic never made it to New York nor did all 2, passengers. Errors were made that cost many their lives. When I finally got to see the Titanic I noticed it was the largest ship I've ever seen. This research amazed me because of the amount of water that passed through the small slits in the hull From the moment the iceberg scratched the side of the bow it only took two hours and forty minutes for the Titanic to be completely underwater. People watch films for the entertainment value, or are simply too lazy to read and enjoy the magic of a book. The ship was feet in length, 92 feet in width, feet in height and weighed 46, tons. The advantages of watching a film at the cinema rather than on video is the bigger screen, and the surround sound, also the atmosphere. So the event was certainly unexpected and tragic. White Star Line,
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