Redwood forest

Sitka spruce are plentiful along the coast and are better adapted to salty air than other species. Many smaller mammals live in the high forest canopy.

The coastal fog condenses on redwood needles creating water droplets. Read more about uses of redwood forest plants through our Redwood Forest Plant Guide. The bald eaglewhich usually nests near a water source, is listed as a state of California endangered species.

Burl poaching involves the illegal cutting, often with chainsaws, of burls from live and dead trees. When tanoaks die, extra brush is created, increasing fire intensity by three to four times than those in forests not affected by the disease.

You can help by supporting the Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative today.

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Restoring redwood forests — accelerating development of old-growth characteristics — increases their carbon sequestration and storage abilities. Together, we protect redwood forests from threats such as unsustainable development; restore the forests we have lost; and connect people to these towering wonders of nature.

Burl poaching not only scars our prized redwood parks, but may have lasting impacts on wildlife, including threatened and endangered species. Your generous support of the League makes it possible for us to preserve the redwood forests we all love. However, no further action was taken by Congress at that time.

Both tanoaks and oaks are members of the beech family. These findings will help focus League efforts on where to protect and restore redwood forestland according to climate change forecasts.

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