My advices to upcoming high school

My advices to upcoming high school

But I was ready because I got that advice, and I worked hard from day one. Take a step back and see the environment of high school in a different perspective, and then think of ways it can fit with your interests and future goals.

So many of my friends fell behind freshmen year because it was so different from middle school.

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It's easy to get caught up in what other people think, or who you think you should be, look like, and hang out with.

I could see everything I needed to do. Many college students have opportunities to study abroad that may be partially or wholly subsidized by a university program, and language fluency can increase your opportunities to explore different parts of the world. Instead, focus on doing your own best work.

Don't be afraid.

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Be sure to think about the aspects that can have a huge impact on your experience, such as size, location, and options for financial aid. Procrastination is a part of the high school experience. They can also write you recommendations for college too. I could see everything I needed to do. Get more involved in the things you love. I know that if I could go back to high school as the person that I am now, I would have had an even better time. It's so crucial that you stay high up in that ranking if you plan on going to college. From really focusing on your academics, to spending your time lifting up your classmates instead of trying to bring them down, these Redditors have the right idea on how to make high school as valuable an experience as possible. And while that includes getting good grades, it's not just about grades.

You only go to high school one time. Pursue activities that truly interest you.

advice to incoming freshmen in high school essay

Evidence of genuine passion and commitment to any activity is one of the most valuable aspects of a college application, and when you do arrive on campus, it will be easier to join an arts group, sports team, or club if you have some previous experience.

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Redditors Give Advice To High School Students, And Their Words Of Wisdom Are Spot