Music composition thesis proposal

Below you will find thesis information for music students.

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Students interested in participating in the Departmental Honors Program should discuss their intentions with potential thesis advisors in the winter term of their junior year, or in the fall term in the case of performance track.

Your supervisor will review and issue the final confirmation. Begin using a bibliography software tool such as endnotes or Zotero at the beginning of your research process.

Following provisional acceptance, students work out a plan for summer thesis work with their advisors. Incorporate any changes or corrections into the dissertation and program notes, consulting with the chair as needed. Share the results of your work in a variety of formal and informal settings.

Original features of the composition should be indicated and there should be some indication as to the contribution it will make to the discipline.

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October 1 of senior year Final thesis proposal is due. At least one month before initial submission: Verify MyProgress to ensure that all components of the program are complete or in progress.

For other helpful hints, go to the Graduate Supervision website.

Music composition thesis proposal

Day of submission before noon earlier, if possible : Submit a PDF of your final thesis and completed, signed Nomination of Examiners Form to the Graduatestudies. Students who would like to pursue a two-semester thesis must petition for this allowance, in consultation with the thesis advisor, by April The form will be distributed to the members of your Research Committee for their approval, which may take up to two weeks. This process can be completed only during the fall and spring semesters; dissertations are not approved during the summer. For other helpful hints, go to the Graduate Supervision website. The work and its approach are defended in an oral examination. Discussion of the planned treatment of pitch, rhythm, orchestration, text if applicable , electronics if applicable , and form 6. The lecture or defense will last approximately forty-five minutes and include a question-and-answer period. Below you will find thesis information for music students. Academic Assistance services and programs are intended to supply you with the tools and also information you must do well from your initial day on.

Use the talents of others to format musical examples as a major time-saver and to facilitate proof-reading. Thesis Proposal Format A complete D.

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