Movie theater business plan in india

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But he does acknowledge that the business is rife with challenges. You can buy or rent an existing cinema hall. FilmmakersFans will respond to it within next few minutes. Today, these have been converted into theatres with one or two screens and show movies with digital prints the same day the films are released across the country. A row of video parlours in Surat. Since then, the company has grown to 30 employees and is now readying new trucks. Sippy, namesake of the famous director who made the blockbuster Sholay in the s, says that as a distributor he would prefer to release his films in a small two-screen cineplex that would give him assured returns rather than go to a rundown, large single-screen cinema hall. Companies such as Silver Screens and Eylex have seized the opportunity with both hands. Nevertheless, competition from online videos will largely counterbalance this positive trend. Joshi, Director of Chandan Cinema in Juhu, Mumbai, says he plans to open two-screen cineplexes in smaller cities under the brand name Recept, though he doesn't see much merit in converting the single-screen Chandan Cinema into a two-screen theatre. In order to be a part of Franchise the theatre needs to meet minimum area requirement of sqft.

Independent or Franchise — By the time one decides the location, a clear idea should exists within their minds whether they fly independently or with a crew i.

Apart from these licenses, many States have their own policies and legalities involved.

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Today, his firm operates 10 truckseach containing the materials for an inflatable movie theatre that can be set up pretty much anywhere. The parent company becomes key decision maker of seating arrangements, air-conditioning, screen patterns projection, sound, booking window and most importantly distributor linkup.

Movie theater business plan in india

We look forward to hear you to serve you. These project systems equally offers crystal clear picture viewing, excellent digital sound quality and light effects for uninteruppted joy of viewing cinema in theaters. Legal expenses for obtaining licenses and permits Health department license and business license and permits Fire department permit, Air and water pollution control permit,Sign permit et al as well as accounting services CRM software, Payroll software, P. If you will be competing with an existing one, see in what area you can improve the service or be different. The location also influences audience the theatre attracts per show. No doubt busy cities with growing population is highly suitable for a movie theater. However safest option is not as cheap as independent venture is. This database will be a guide in this field. India has revolutionised in last few decades and technology has ushered new dawn for Entertainment Industry to grow manifold with rising focus on entertainment as key element in social life.

One need to make sure that their planning resolves those flaws; proving their strong point in this venture. The company, which has 33 screens in the eastern region, also has a two-screen cineplex in Ranchi. A clearance certificate from the Superintendent of Taxes of the area concerned.

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Try Now. If YES, here is a detailed cost analysis for starting a movie theater and raising finance. To do this, you have to come up with a business plan that would be your guide in meeting project deadlines during construction, in executing your business strategy and in steering the business into what you intend it to become in the future. While a miniplex is quite expensive in a franchise, one can approximately estimate that the multiplex could be thrice of the expense in the miniplex. The location also influences audience the theatre attracts per show. The Franchise is available in all Regions of the country. There are loads of people that patronize movie theaters; socialites, celebrities, corporate executives, students and even senior citizens. Most importantly, the tickets cost just between Rs30 and Rs50, a fraction of the price charged at big-city multiplexes. Decide the Nature — Whether the movie theatre is a miniplex or multiplex should be next point of concern. We at Cinema World believe in profound principles of planned approach in availing the best business results for our clientele. It got its first theatre only in March last year when Sachit Jain, a third-generation film distributor who had ventured into the movie exhibition business, opened a two-screen cineplex in the town. One need to make sure that their planning resolves those flaws; proving their strong point in this venture.

Be negotiable and you will be crack a reasonable deal. As a part of a franchise one will have a smooth sail; theatre owners tied with some franchise have hassle free access to movie distributors.

A row of video parlours in Surat.

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It will introduce you to the distributors and other details. This database will be a guide in this field.

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How to Start a Movie Theater (with Pictures)