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Cordelia meets Lear and they are reconciled.

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Nevertheless, when Burgundy departs, his obvious self-interest temporarily causes her to lose faith in Edgar's love and fidelity, and, left alone with him, she tells him not to speak to her again of love.

Goneril and Regan make hypocritical, flattering speeches, and are rewarded with a third each; Cordelia, however, cannot or will not stoop to false flattery for gain, and tells her father that she loves him as much as she should, and that she will love her husband as well if she marries.

Pollock,reproduced in Ioppolo, Sourcebook, p.

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The battle to restore Lear to the throne is not from a foreign army sent by Cordelia, but from the British people, who are resentful of the tyranny of Goneril and Regan, indignant at their treatment of Lear, and outraged by the blinding of Gloster changed in spelling from Shakespeare's original.

London, Routledge,p. Kent, returning in disguise, offers himself in service to Lear, and is accepted.

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After just about everybody dies, Albany turns to Kent and Edgar and says they must rule what's left of the kingdom together, but Kent insists that he can't, as his "master" has called him on a "journey" 5.

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Alternate Ending of King Lear