How to write a product review on amazon

Same for some of the reviews on Health Ambition. You will find the exact product name on the relevant Amazon page, but be careful to use just the product name and not the part description they tend to add.

Not only will it make the review much easier to write, but it will avoid the problems mentioned in step 1. You are not writing the review for nothing.

amazon product reviews

Adding in these elements makes you seem more objective and trustworthy, and that makes the customer more likely to follow your affiliate link. Do not begin by thinking you have to write a word review, though.

People have read our reviews and got so much value from them that they feel like they owe us a sale. Break it down and it will become much easier.

how to write amazon product reviews for affiliate websites

In many cases, a negative review will be voted down, simply because of its tone, or more broadly because it only emphasizes negative points. It is really quite easy.

How to write a product review examples

This is useful to make people understand the feel about the product. Since the customer is already searching for this product, by the time they land on your review page, they are primed. Keep the benefits bigger than the disadvantages since you want people to purchase the product through your link. You can rattle off a ton of specs and features while never actually making it clear how the consumer will benefit from them. The result? This can be a valid reason to encourage your readers to buy at Amazon. Just make sure you use the product name in the first sentence and in the last sentence, and the rest will fall naturally into place. Part 8: Use The Right Format By now, you have a powerful, persuasive review that gives tons of value to your readers. How to introduce the product The best way to introduce the product is to show off your results through screenshots and videos, and clear away common doubts they might have about the product.

You may have to spend a bit longer researching, but it may well be worth your while to do so — especially for certain products where the manufacturer has themselves provided more information.

Play around with the product and test out its quality and durability.

How to write a review on amazon without buying

In this post we will be sharing the format we use to write those reviews and earn great commissions on affiliate products. Part 8: Use The Right Format By now, you have a powerful, persuasive review that gives tons of value to your readers. Try to aim for a ratio between pictures and images. The customer is quite entitled to his or her opinion on the matter, but always bear in mind that your review is trying to persuade the reader to buy the product. The 8 steps on how to write a product review. This is because a feature that annoys one person might be useful for another. All you have to do now is actually write your own reviews. This is quite straightforward — simply include a section in the review that explains who the product is for.

This is the second most important feature of the product from your point of view. You can do this by breaking down the review into separate subsections.

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How To Write Amazon Product Reviews For Affiliate Websites