Harmony between humans and nature

For all practical purposes, nothing ever enters or leaves. The ideal environmental scenario is a human society and economy coexisting in symbiotic harmony with Nature.

With first grounding and then clarification, a whole earth economy can start to take hold.

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Plenty of books, Internet resources, and community-based organizations provide creative ways to do this. According to definitions given by the top authorities, a harmonious society should have the following attributes democracy and rule of law, fairness and social justice, credibility, vitality and energy, order and stability, and harmony between nature and humanity.

Harmony with nature project

In an environmentally friendly society, social justice is promoted by people fully enjoying their environmental rights. In the surrounding area, pus-filled boils, cancers, and other lethal diseases and birth defects in the fish, animal, and human population are now being documented. A community where human reach does not taint or domesticate the wilderness. Today scientists are admitting that this three-hundred-year-old scientific doctrine is far too simplistic, and are finding that physical substances work and exist in terms of highly complex, interdependent, and changeable contexts and relationships. Mainstream economics today proceeds, with rare exception, with no reference to the laws of physics, chemistry, or biology. In fact, money is a human tool exchanged for the real things that make up wealth: edible plants and animals, useful objects such as containers or furniture, the land and soil that can continue to produce real wealth in the future. Others will join in by, say bicycling, home to office and back, rather than driving; eating slow and local foods; and the like. We are getting something terribly wrong. What Is Waste?

Then clearly the role of humans is very important and significant in the role of process and environmental donate. Determining what is fair also must take into account the enormous current and future ecological harm ranging from soil erosion and species extinction to massive destabilization of climate through greenhouse gas emissions.

Harmony between humans and nature

Of the few things we know with human activity that deforestation could lead to flooding and exploit the natural resources that exist in the bowels of the earth. We humans can do the math; we know that renewable resources such as soil, forests, and fish are now being consumed at a rate faster than they can be replenished, and we know that greenhouse gases are increasing dangerously in the atmosphere.

Similarly, when a person suffers a fatal car accident, the economic exchanges, in terms of ambulances, insurance agents, funeral homes, and so forth, increase GDP and are seen as positive.

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It is wrong when it tends otherwise. Buddhism maintains that all living creatures are born equal and have the right to live.

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