Explain google s business model

While utilising the technologies behind Google Search, AdSense uses keywords to precisely target results so advertising content is delivered based on page content. The web as a giant billboard: Is this indeed the web we want?

is google business model sustainable

Follow us on social media! Digital versions of new books are also sold. It has access to your cookie data and search history for starters.

Search business model

These are available in the book search engine. I see the computing power as being a mix of the physical assets, software assets and the people who create the software. From time to time, the Google machine updates its search engine home page to feature interactive gadgets designed to get people talking and visiting. That is not an easy answer to that and of course, in most cases, I believe Google does an incredible job. Key Activities: Key activities include research and development for both the development of new technologies and features and the improvement of existing ones. The two own 14 percent of the shares together but have voting power through a supervoting stock. As you may have noted, Google business model is huge and there are varied sources of revenue for the company. The service launched as an invitation only one in and eventually opened to everyone by To run its giant portfolio of services, Google is said to have more than 1 million servers in data centers all around the world. A significant payoff for publishers to be featured by Google is of course visibility.

This amounts to as much as 96 percent of all revenue. In fact, other search engines more focused on privacy are growing their users base. Again this is just one advertisement for a particular keyword. Revenue From Other Sources Google has expanded its business model to a lot more than just search.

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The Power of Google Business Model in a Nutshell