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Ask yourself what specific area did you go wrong. You can also use a counterclaim in the third body paragraph to support your claim by addressing opposing viewpoints. That is most probably the correct answer. Try reading a paragraph at a time then answer questions after each paragraph. Know how to use basic grammar. What has been mostly tested in SAT Writing and Language since are punctuation, sentence structure, possessives, idioms, and While most fundamental rules of grammar will be tested, the abovementioned are considered the most important. When eliminating choices, go for the most obvious one. Be consistent with your writing. But… Do not spend too much time on improving your vocabulary. Also, knowing the directions before the day of the test can help you save time when taking the SAT. That will help keep your mind and body in a good mood. In the same way… Rephrase the questions in your own words.

After reading the question, it is natural for you to have an idea of what the answer is. If you notice that you are weaker at one or the other, work on that during your preparation period.

Memorizing the easier formulas helps save up time because of how you will only be referencing to the list to check the more difficult formulas. Check out our comprehensive review here.

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Double negative phrases are often found in SAT Reading questions to confuse you. In line with that… Keep things short and simple. As such, try to stay objective with your ideas as much as possible and maintain a formal tone in your writing. Also, you might want to… Read the introduction to the passage. Focus practicing on the topics where you often commit mistakes. Even though some of the Writing and Language questions might have two grammatically correct answers, there is only one answer. Leisure reading is not all that helpful. You will be given about five passages, of which at least 10 questions will be based on. In such instances, you will eventually find yourself going back to the passage after each question.

When solving manually, break down bigger numbers. The entire test has 58 questions of which 38 are for with calculator and 20 are for without calculator. While notes are indeed helpful, it might take too much of your time because of how you have to invest more effort into writing down things you thought were important while reading.

Though you might not have enough time to check every one of them, it might be better if you only try to revisit the questions you are unsure of.

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SAT Essay Format: How To Structure Your Essay