Compare and contrast scientific management theory and administrative management theory

Taylor has changed this proportion. This theory is commonly related to Fredrick w.

Compare and contrast scientific management theory and administrative management theory

Fayol is oriented towards managerial function. He then was enlisted at the engineering school of Saint-Etienne. To fix these problems and to make enterprises more profitable Taylor looked at the scientific side of establishments and developed four management principles. However, analysts noticed that the output in those test groups increased independently from lighting conditions Pugh, , p. As a result Taylor could identify and eliminate interference factors Taylor, , p. Work was divided into specialised task easy enough to learn and to be performed efficiently division of labour. Before Taylor developed this principle there was no selection or training of the workforce. Taylor laid down the concept of Scientific Management. Managers were responsible for assigning the tasks to employees and for guiding them to achieve organisational goals unity of direction. However, there was no assurance if the way of doing the job was the most effective one Thompson, , p.

Subordination: Individual or group interest are sacrificed or surrendered for general interest. Accordingly the HRT has lead to principle changes in management, working conditions and in the organization as a whole.

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The core idea of scientific management was to increase the efficiency of workers through rationalization and standardization of work. Time and motion study. Employees felt rather motivated by the particular attention they received. Harmony, not discord: There must be a coordination of the activities of the employees and not discord. Scientific management is actually concerned with knowing what you want your workers to do and then see that they do it effectively and efficiently. Administrative Management The concept of administrative management was introduced by Henry Fayol and focused on the management process and principles of management. His Family turned to Lyon, France in Conclusion 6.

She was born in England, and her family moved to Los Angeles when she was Conclusion 6. Collecting the whole knowledge of the workers, creating rules and regulations and form a science for each process was no duty for the men Taylor,p.

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Furthermore this is a key determinant to translate scientific management from theory into practice Taylor,p.

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Compare and Contrast Scientific and Administrative Management Essay