Chicken scratch handwriting analysis

But it can also be a sign of ADHD — especially if what you're writing doesn't make any sense.

geniuses with bad handwriting

It could also mean you're detailed oriented, as well as a highly introspective person. Yes, sadly, those sloppy notes mean something. He was referring to my handwriting and how it slanted drastically to the right. Like my own, they all tend to slant rightward.

As Russin says, "People who don't close off letters properly Angular Or Pointy Lettering If your letters have sharp angles, it could be revealing some inner turmoil. Capital Letters That Are Huge If you write your name with a huge capital letteryou might secretly wis you were famous — or at least somewhat recognized.

There's an entire science behind handwriting analysis, called graphology, and it's used by everyone from marriage counselors to potential employers.

What does neat handwriting mean

Handwriting says a lot about you. Because of this intersection between art and science, the validity of graphology has been controversial for centuries. By Carolyn Steber Mar 9 If you've ever looked down at your notebooks full of chicken scratch and wondered why you're writing is so darn sloppy, you'll probably be pretty interested to learn that your handwriting can reveal a lot about your personality. It might also mean you're more likely to give into peer pressure. You focus on your emotions, and it shows in the attention to you pay to your handwriting. He continued to explain a report he'd seen on graphology the analysis of handwriting , which showed a glaring similarity shared among the handwriting of serial killers. It's an indicator of dishonesty, as well as a tendency to be misleading. Again, there are exceptions. But they can also be used more seriously in mental health settings. Whether graphology is legit has been up for debate for years, so I wanted to put it to the test.
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Chicken Scratch: What Your Bad Handwriting Says About Your Personality