Chi li slays the serpent

If a young noble and his first wife had little choice in the matter, secondary wives or concubines had none at all Its head was as large as a rice barrel; its eyes were like mirrors two feet across.

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Despite Li Chi's words, indicating that she will simply go and give her life without complaint, she actually goes with a plan, sets a trap for the serpent, and kills it, saving her village and therefore proving all her previous words wrong. Again from Moss: "The arrangement of marriages was essential.

This serpent is only known to come out once a year during one of the last days of summer, demanding human sacrifice in order to find appeasement from the people of Chiang Lo County.

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As long as I am alive, I only eat food that, if I were not here, would nourish the rest of you. Not sure right now where is the problem. It licked up the second and third.

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Tales of Faerie: Li Chi Slays the Serpent: Context is Key