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Another non-working feature is adding and removing of items from the wishlist shown at the bottom of the screen in a separate tray. Last year, for example, skin-care brand Sunday Riley was caught encouraging employees to post fake reviews on Sephora.

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A keyword search and bookmark is also available from the top navigation bar. The only place to add an email is in the public section of my profile.

The Kindle store feels like it offers a never-ending supply of free books, indie authors, and deep sales. Best laptops for college students : We've got an affordable laptop for every student.

Compared to the Kindle store offered by Amazon, though, the Apple Books Store doesn't feel quite as robust. Ah, but does that mean the product itself is bad? I've seen it happen where one tool gave the reviews a pass and the other said they were mostly fake.

Amazon's line of Kindle devices largely solves this problem by using a totally different technology for the screen, one that doesn't wash out in direct sunlight.

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Since its birth as iBooks through its evolution to Apple Books, the app has gotten better and better. Here's where it gets interesting: Often, Fakespot and ReviewMeta reach very different conclusions about a product's reviews. My friends were puzzled: "It had a five-star rating on Amazon! Apple's big, colorful, bright screens make things look great — unless you're reading outside. What more information do they need? Fakespot originally focused its algorithms on Amazon alone, but later added TripAdvisor and Yelp support. You can also sort your books into collections for easy management.

Originally published on Feb. These people come to life for me with the Kindle library app.

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Want in-depth instructions on how to get books at the Apple Books Store and how to use the app? Mystery solved: Every single review was a fake. Once your review is complete, click Submit.

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