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Nothing kills the benefits of dressing down for the day faster than being required to wear something ill-fitting or uncomfortable.

Dress-down days can be the occasion for company-wide charity fundraisers that help bring employees together in support of a good cause.

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Work Casual Fridays Into Your Week Casual Friday might not be a good choice for every workplace, but it can certainly be beneficial in many organizations.

According to Inc. Nice pants or slacks Some progressive offices allow for jeans, but sticking to dress slacks and chino pants commonly known as khakis will ensure you're well within your dress code standards.

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Employees may face more severe consequences up to and including terminationif: Their appearance causes irreparable damage, like loss of a major client. Sign up for our day free trial today.

Take a look at our portfolio of office space in London… Benefits of casual Fridays Improving morale: allowing employees room for freedom of expression can keep them happier and more willing to work hard Increasing business attractiveness: if current employees are content you are more likely to attract new key talent, and the dress down benefit itself is likely to be appealing to possible recruits Cost-effectiveness: most staff benefits have a financial cost to the employer but dress down Fridays do not, allowing managers to improve their standing with staff without an associated financial burden Improved effectiveness: some studies indicate that employees feel more effective, and perform better, when dressed casually Improved interpersonal relations: formal business wear can encourage competitiveness, whereas casual wear — and the freedom associated with it — can create more of a team environment.

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If you are lucky enough to have a more casual workplace that allows for jeans, try to stick to dark-wash, tailored jeans. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. Avoid sandals and sneakers. Over time the occasion has spread to the rest of the world, and has no doubt became more prevalent due to increase in evidence that employers should attempt to proactively increase staff morale. More critically, even with HR as an ally, they would have to convince other key stakeholders senior management, board, investors, clients that the relaxation of standards would align with a modern, younger brand image of the company overall, assuming this is actually part of their business strategy. Nothing kills the benefits of dressing down for the day faster than being required to wear something ill-fitting or uncomfortable. When shopping for your job, try to purchase an easily versatile collection of a few different shirts, pants, skirts or dresses, and shoes.

While the particulars of the shoe whether open-toed, stiletto, or other are left up to the employee or job, it is always safe to choose one of the above sandals and sneakers are usually frowned upon.

Employees become walking billboards for your company when they are seen wearing apparel with your branding message.

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