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Attending gallery and museum openings is imperative. Maintaining good relationships with art critics who can write about your artists is also a good way to generate interest in your gallery.

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But even that will be short-lived. Breege Henry does not participate in the management of the company. Rodriguez also runs a nonprofit called Culture Strike, which empowers artists to advocate through their work for immigrant rights, racial justice and an end to climate change. The gap is merely a legacy of the last few tumultuous years at the museum. Advertisement Perhaps the looming exhibition gap should be looked at another way. Develop a network of marketable artists during As you develop good relationships with your collectors, they will then introduce you to their friends and associates and this will help to establish your art gallery. Visiting art fairs and biennials during the opening press previews is the ultimate time for networking. Shows were put together fast, if not often well, and sometimes by curators with a business interest in the material.

However, the key to success is knowing that you have specific collectors individual or corporate you can sell the artwork to. Have your business cards, artist catalogs and postcards ready to hand out as you walk around "schmoozing.

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Better yet, get a job in an art gallery first, to gain first-hand experience of how a gallery operates. In addition, Henry Art Gallery has acquired a contract with Russian artist Miko Brakisov to be the exclusive purveyor of his much sought after works.

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In most cases, the gallery's purpose is to sell art and to keep the gallery in business. Print The Museum of Contemporary Art appears to be headed toward a potentially unpleasant speed bump on the road to recovery from several years of well-documented troubles: Its upcoming exhibition program is a mystery. Tenacity and Patience Running a gallery in most cases takes a period of time to establish, so being patient is key to building a steady business. To open an art gallery , you will need certain things at the beginning: Potential art collectors if it is a commercial gallery A stable of artists Passion for both art and business A consistent vision of your brand Like any small business start-up, you'll need a business plan A gallery site in a prime location Enough capital to cover a few months operating costs Tenacity and patience Art Collectors As with starting up any small business, you must know your market first. The financial picture is also looking considerably better. In addition, Henry Art Gallery has acquired a contract with Russian artist Miko Brakisov to be the exclusive purveyor of his much sought after works. If your gallery is located in an art center, then you have more chances to gain the attention of the art world cognoscenti. Favianna Rodriguez has all of that.

Because we at MGMP are all history buffs, we enjoy learning about the specific historical contexts of each exhibit we are invited to design. By Susan Kendzulak Updated May 01, Art galleries are similar to small businesses to a certain extent.

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Her curatorial history is extensive, continuing to the present day, and runs the gamut from intimate 1, square foot shows, to 45, square foot major international traveling exhibitions. Former UC Regent Ward Connerly had eliminated affirmative action, and ethnic studies were also threatened. In late May, he named Helen Molesworth to the critically important job of chief curator — a closely watched appointment, given the furor over the forced resignation of her widely admired predecessor, Paul Schimmel, two years ago, and an appointment generally well-received. The owner uses her reputation for the recruitment of world-class artistic cohorts. Artist Favianna Rodriguez prepares colorful pieces of paper to create a new collage piece at her studio space in Oakland. These were major artistic and business undertakings that took, in some cases, several years to complete. While they are excellent galleries, none are run by a commercially viable artist. High-quality customer service continues to be a touchstone at Henry Art Gallery. Henry Art Gallery is looking to increase sales to become a global leader in quality artwork by implementing a company reorganization and a revitalized marketing plan. Henry Art Gallery displays work from over 20 different international artists with Miko Brakisov as the resident artist for the next three months. Initial costs include the rental of the space, the necessary equipment for running a business and exhibiting art, and hiring staff. Since art is highly subjective, a large part of your selection is based on personal taste and intuition. For example, some galleries will only show landscape paintings or exhibit artists who live in the same city. As word-of-mouth grows, so will your business.
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Activist Favianna Rodriguez crafts multimedia career with smart business plan