All transactions with physicians must be in writing and in place

If pay is tied to performance measurements, those metrics and benchmarks should be clearly identified Benefit considerations Physician employment agreements should cover a full range of benefit including: Health insurance for the doctor and possibly a spouse and children All relevant licensing fees and medical dues Funds and time to complete any Continuing Medical Education requirements Medical malpractice insurance.

The contract affects more than just your current salary and benefits. For example, an applicable manufacturer makes a payment to a medical professional society in March with instructions to use the money to provide grants to physicians.

all transactions with physicians must be in writing and in place

For example, they may require the reporting of payments to non-covered recipients or by non-applicable manufacturers. Both parties to an impermissible kickback transaction are liable. In addition, the rent should be calculated based on the ratio of the amount of space that is used exclusively by the supplier to the total amount of space in the physician's office.

Potential buy-in rights Many employers do hope the relationship works out and that the employer and employee want to continue the relationship long-term. Rental amounts should be at fair market value, be fixed in advance and not take into account, directly or indirectly, the volume or value of referrals or other business generated between the parties.

Appropriateness of Rental Agreements. The law applies to patients w who use federal health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

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The lawyer will also review what exceptions to Stark Law apply.

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Physicians should review their Employment Agreement or risk Violating Federal and State Law