A study of community in the novel brave new world by aldous huxley

It is in French, but written by a Russian, Nicolas Berdiaeff.

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His beliefs contradict those of the brave new world, as he shows in his struggle over sex with Lenina and his fight with the system after his mother dies. The Director stops acting like a caricature of a bureaucrat and tells Bernard how he had gone to the same Reservation as a young man, 25 years before. But he enjoys arguing with Helmholtz about them, and about Shakespeare. The Director doesn't know he is about to be confronted with a much greater unorthodoxy from his own past. The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning explains that this Utopia breeds people to order, artificially fertilizing a mother's eggs to create babies that grow in bottles. He is going to make a public announcement of Bernard's transfer to Iceland as punishment for the "scandalous unorthodoxy" of his sex life, his refusal to behave like a baby and seek instant gratification. He who makes the laws is free to break the laws, he says. Indeed Bernard is plotting his own advancement, as you can see from the way he shows off to the Warden about the orders to take John and Linda back with him. Work Cited Huxley, Aldous. Use the glossary in this guide and your dictionary as tools.

They have dinner and go to a nightclub in what was Westminster Abbey years earlier. Helmholtz is entranced, and is annoyed when Bernard equates a Shakespearean metaphor with orgy-porgy.

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Are these the only choices available? Every person is conditioned to love three things: Henry Ford, their idol; soma, a wonder drug; and sex. And even though there is no traditional class system anymore today, most of the societies are still divided into classes, although some people deny this.

John's mother, Linda, became pregnant accidentally, a very unusual event in the brave new world. John is aroused from his reverie by the return of Bernard's rather un-Shakespearean helicopter. This book written by Aldous Huxley concentrates on the development of mankind in a future society.

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Their task in the society does not need much intellect, they work in the normcenter or in a lift and have only minor tasks which they have to fullfill. He who makes the laws is free to break the laws, he says. Indeed, he resembles the Oxford professors that Huxley knew, and his discussion of happiness with the Savage resembles a tutorial between an Oxford don and his most challenging student. This sublime emotion marks him as a Savage, in contrast to the civilized worldlings who believe in their commandment to be promiscuous: "Everyone belongs to everyone else. It is technology that has proven productive and the state does not increase scientific research but wants to maintain the present conditions since they can not control what scientific research might discover. John responds by remembering that Ariel, the good spirit of Shakespeare's Tempest, could travel around the world in 40 minutes. Huxley never says he agrees with John, and often he doesn't, but he keeps using the Savage to point up the hollow quality of the Controller's ideas, again using classic Utopian devices. In these reservations the people live like cows on a free land with an electrified fence, so that they cannot leave this territory. People today are still born into certain classes and it is unlikely for them to change class levels. They get high on soma and go up to Henry's room for a night of sex.

The Controllers description of traditional families links fathers with misery, mothers with perversion, brothers and sisters with madness and suicide. Huxley's Brave New World: A Study of Dehumanization Imagine living in a world without mothers and fathers, a place full of faceless human clones.

However, psychological tricks and measures are used for example in war times or with criminals.

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Do you think it's true? I will go into this in more detail later when I take a look at the theme of genetic engineering.

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An Analysis of the Theme of Community in Huxley's Brave New World