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Investigating technology is recommended for improving customer service and Emirates has to sign contract with an e-business company that offers airlines technology solutions. The Product Life Cycle refers to the sequence of phases a merchandise goes through. Accordingly, it is known as an innovative and customer-oriented provider of advanced services, such as offering personal entertainment system in all classes, 18 TV channels, 22 audio channels and online booking service which enables customers to book, search for flights and choose seats. The UAEs total investments on airport development over coming 20 years will exceed Dh 71 billion. The markets where it selected to operate in are also powerful economies of stable growth Appendix 1 shows country GDP. Further liberalization in the industry is unstoppably increasing. The primary purposes of this is to make various attempts toward limiting the access to the Gulf Carriers, to their respective home markets. It has a fleet of 90 aircrafts and it flies to more than 60 cities in 30 countries.

Emirates Airline uses many other strategies and plans to develop their businesses which include the strategy for development and motivation of their workers. Today Emirates has 83 aircrafts files to 78 destinations in 55 countries worldwide. Similar to resources, Emirates Airlines consists of threshold competencies which include the operation of on-time delivery, online booking, and point-to-point routing.

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It aims to be a pioneer in technological advances, Emirates signed in-flight mobile phone coverage agreement with Aero Mobile, developing the use of mobile phones onboard M2 Communications Ltd. Emirates Airline operates multiple fleets of Boeing and Airbus Aircraft and has been ranked as one of the rare Airlines to utilize all-wide-body airplanes.

For instance many companies starts to concentrate on cutting the operating cost, thus in this stage the profit margin decreases and the least efficient companies leaves the market and only well-established companies are the ones that remain.

Here, strengths denote the core competencies that provide the company with some benefits in achieving these conditions.

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Due to the unstable political and economical situation, many airlines companies started to modify their strategies and services to survive and succeed in the airline industry. Media Wiley. The success of Qatar Airways comes from its aggressive growth plan that includes the construction and development of the new Doha international airport, which will include the worlds largest aircrafts' hangers to be used for maintenance of Qatar Airways. BBC News Emirates Airlines is committed to achieve its mission, namely offering consistently high-quality value-for-money service and to be the best airline on all of its routes. Furthermore, it eases the operation of switching between different airlines companies. As the number of expatriates is increasing, airlines firms profits will increase, because those expatriates need to travel to their homeland sometime. First airline in Arab World that offers online booking service. The research and analysis for Emirates airlines address following recommendations: The operational cost is increasing due to huge investments of Emirates on aircrafts and services and increase in fuel prices. Air travel between countries is by negotiated agreements Dervaes, Also, while the United Arabs Emirates is by no means a region frequented by the extremist terrorist groups, Emirates Airline Company serves many nations, which have been marked as potential threats to security concerns by the administration of Trump Alkhalisi,

More customers have become loyal and chosen Emirates when travelling from the Middle East and Europe or NZ Stanik et al, because of high quality, product innovation and excellent service. For illustration people use theirs autos and usage trains and coachs within the same country or state.

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Is the airline industry an attractive industry? All of that was introduced to attract, return customers and gain a competitive advantage. These areas have currently stable political and government environments. On the other hand, Emirates has continuously invested in its fleet and enjoyed high profitability refer to Appendix 4. Many factors cause Singapore Airlines success, such as young and efficient fleets, educated staff, top ranked travel gateway and its low cost airlines known as Tiger Airways, plus its a member of star alliance airline networks. Typically, the alliances that lie between the essential airline companies make the entry on the sector hard for any new company that offers the same service. In fact, the fleet of their airlines is obtained via the top airline manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus. The company has the capabilities of keeping the supervision of their business through reporting, settlement, EDI, and audit.
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Emirates Strategy Analysis