A history of the war of 1812 between america and great britain

The United States was put in an awkward position, unable to trade with either world power without incurring the wrath of the other.

who won the war of 1812

They made the demand as late as the fall of at the peace conference, but they lost control of western Ontario in at key battles on and around Lake Erie. To understand the British point of view, it is necessary to go back a few years, towhen Napoleon ignited a global economic war by creating the Continental System, which closed every market in the French Empire to British goods.

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consequences of the war of 1812

In need of more sailors to help fight the war, during the yearsBritain also began engaging in the practice of impressment, during which the British would remove American seamen from U. Resulting from American anger over trade issues, impressment of sailorsand British support of Indian attacks on the frontier, the conflict saw the US Army attempt to invade Canada while British forces attacked south.

war of 1812 significance

Through the Treaty of Fort Jackson, he forced both sides of the Creek Nation, even those allied to him, to cede nearly 23 million acres of what would become Alabama and portions of Georgia.

That hope was turned into practice when London issued the retaliatory Orders in Council, which prohibited neutral ships from trading with Napoleonic Europe except under license.

Why did the war of 1812 start

How Did the War of End? In response, Congress passed a series of non-importation acts and embargos, each time trying to force the European powers to feel the sting of losing access to American markets. The poorly trained U. If the U. Having defeated Napoleon, the British dispatched forces to attack the East Coast. In the battle, a force of 1, U. This was met with protests in New England towns, whose economy was mostly based on the seafaring trade industry. Word was again slow to travel, however, and on January 9, , Andrew Jackson engaged a British force outside of New Orleans , resulting in a stunning but ultimately pointless victory. The United States was put in an awkward position, unable to trade with either world power without incurring the wrath of the other. In July of , the British invaded northern Massachusetts, which is now modern-day Maine. The treaty called for all land, places and possessions seized by Great Britain and the United States during the war to be returned to its original owner and no new land was awarded, meaning neither side won anything. The British were already waging a global war against France, one which had been raging since
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