1 2 explain the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stages

There are six different categories of schools. State schools all follow the national curriculum and are inspected by Ofsted. Academies are run by the charity who owns it, in partnership with the Local Authority and the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

The present day-schools in India have been sparing no stones unturned in completion of prescribed syllabus for respective classes. Community schools are run and owned by the Local Authority, which may support the school through the local community and also by p PA Nicola Sturgeon, who is head of the government in Scotland, can make decisions about how schools in Scotland work The national curriculum is what the government says that children should have to learn when they are at schools paid for by them State school This is a school which is paid for by the government, so your parents will not have to pay school fees.

Community schools are run and owned by the local authority. Explore online education short courses designed to give you an in depth understanding of various skills in teaching. Schools are either state or privately run. Voluntary Controlled: The Local Authority employs the staff, similar to a community school, but the land and buildings are owned by a charity.

The majority of a schools funding is provided by the department for education and skills DFES through the local education authority, however not all schools for pupils with SEN are maintained by the local authority and are funded by fees that are paid by the parents or charitable trust funds.

You stay there until you finish Year Six, when you are about Educational stages can be an early years stage, primary, secondary, higher and further education.

list of different types of schools
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Types of Schools